30 lessons

Tuition based, your monthly payments include thirty private lessons, four recitals, accompanist fees, and two parent classes throughout the school year. This is a nine month commitment.


9 Months

Lessons extend each year from the Second Monday in September (September 11th 2017) to the First Friday of June (June 1st 2018). Lessons are divided into nine equal monthly payments.


Easy Monthly Payments

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. Payments can be made by e-transfer, cheque, or cash. Please pay your tuition by the 1st of the month so that I only need to go to the bank once in a month. Tuition received after the 1st will be charged a $25 late fee.


Keep Track

Log onto Music Teacher's Helper and watch the white board weekly to stay up to date with upcoming holidays, planned cancellations, and events. 

With Music Teacher's Helper, you can always know when lessons are scheduled, print payment receipts, and even graph your practice hours!



Annual Registration Fee $50 _______ Annual Accompanist Fee $50 _________

Lesson fees are based on $216.67 monthly for 60 minute lessons. Anything less than 60 minutes can be calculated by adding or subtracting time/fees.

Preferred payment method: E-transfer_____ Cheque_____ Cash_____

Length of lesson time: _______ minutes = $_______ per month for 9 months.

Today's Total: $ ___________


I ___________________________________ on __________________ understand and agree to the terms above, and commit to upholding to the best of my ability the expectations outlined.

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