Your early childhood music education specialist in violin & viola

For me, music lessons are so much more than just a lesson in music; it is a passing on of skills, character, work ethic, appreciation, respect... I believe that music should engage the whole person and in the end, be fulfilling and fun. Together we build a relationship, trust, and a skill that will last a lifetime and transcend music into all other walks of life. My goal is to embrace what I see in each individual - all unique abilities and characters - and gently guide my students toward their true potential; far beyond what they thought possible – and to bring this opportunity to every child who seeks it”

Why study with me?

I will give the musical set up of a lifetime. Regardless of age and whether you see your child or yourself as a future professional musician or just an educated and versatile life-long music lover, I provide a musical education at a professional level from the very start in a fun, holistic, and engaging manner; giving you skills and the ability to enjoy and play any genre.

Who Studies at Kennedy Music?

The answer is simple. Anyone who has a desire to learn violin or viola right from the start, and who is dedicated to working together toward a common goal of growth, learning and love through music is welcome. My specialty over the past 20 years is in teaching children - as early as age 2 ½ -  but any age (even adults!) with a common goal is accepted. 



Start violin or viola as young as 2 ½ with the Suzuki method's hallmark private and group class combination. Learn proper technique from the start in a fun and supportive environment.

Catheryn is an exceptional teacher.
Her attention to detail in technique, together with her playful and warm approach to teaching, support her students to shine.
My son loves to play violin because she taught him to enjoy it.

— Joss


Give your children confidence that will last a lifetime by building performance skills through recitals, community performances, busking, fiddle jams, giving your children a well rounded musical experience.

Catheryn is a balanced and enthusiastic teacher. She developed a wonderful rapport with both our daughters and gave them a strong foundation in violin and music. Catheryn was more than just our children’s violin teacher. She really pours out her heart and soul into building a harmonious relationship with student and parent making the whole process truly friendly and fun!
— Nancee

Parental involvement

Suzuki supports parental involvement - encouraging parents to experience music first hand with your child by learning the instrument along with them. Parent classes and events create a supportive and inclusive community for kids and parents.

Catheryn is without a doubt the most amazing teacher I have ever had.
She has such incredible talents to help you become a better musician it is beyond words.
She has so much patience and dedication you can’t help but improve. She is truly a gifted teacher.

— Patrick

About Me

I remember what it was like to be a student. To start violin for the first time.. all the excitement and the challenges. At age four I began the Suzuki way, and by six knew I wanted to perform and teach music. As infrequent as such dreams come true, by age ten I delved headfirst into an extended mentorship, & started my teacher training not long after.

I have enjoyed many successes in my musical career. Performing, I have toured Europe, soloed with symphonies, performed a variety of genres with groups such as the Temptations and West My Friend; played in countless weddings and events such as with Lynda Raino Dance company, organized solo recitals and so much more.

For the past 20+ years I have had a full teaching studio of award winning, happy students across the coast of the USA and Canada, the UAE and now Germany, and the privilege of many training opportunities with some of the world's best Suzuki and non-Suzuki pedagogues. In Canada, I instructed violin & viola at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for eight years and was the Suzuki department coordinator for six. I created my own school in Victoria, a Suzuki program in a private school in Oregon, and have built many of my own teaching studios. 

I continually create opportunities for my students to join classes & extra curricular activities (if they desire) to offer them a well rounded musical education. My students continually audition and win positions in the VCM's esteemed gifted young musician "Collegium" program, participate yearly in Victoria's Performing Arts Festival, and many other events and competitions.

I believe strongly in the importance of continual education and growth; frequently traveling across Canada and the United States to study with more educators, authors, and those who studied with Dr. Suzuki himself. I have been lucky enough to receive inspiration by some of the Suzuki world's best instructors such as: Edward Kreitman, Elayne Ras, Edmund Sprunger, Clarisse Atcherson, Carey-Beth Hockett, Joseph Kaminsky, to name a few.

Combining years of dedication and education in the Suzuki Method and experience in dance, singing, theater, and hypnotherapy, I endeavour to uplift a child from their current understanding of music to their full potential by giving them the tools at any age of a highly skilled violinist, and to develop and promote life skills, happiness, and self confidence through musical study and appreciation.

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