Policies & Guidelines


Our work together is privileged and requires trust and respect. When I accept you as my student, I guarantee you will receive my 100% attention and commitment. I ask that when you choose to study with me, we both honour this relationship with equal commitment and fully explore this instrument by agreeing to a minimum of 9 months commitment.



Communication is key to our success. Above all else I value open communication about all things violin, or effecting the family, focus, practice, etc.. Please do not wait to contact me if ever there are concerns, questions, or difficulties at home with practices, frustrations, or, things not listed here of with which you believe I could help. Suzuki is a very collaborative method, and it takes commitment to communication for us all to help your child blossom!


Lesson Preparation

Please attend all lessons and arrive at least ten minutes before your lesson time. If there is a lesson scheduled before yours, please quietly come in to get prepared and observe, and if you wish, drink some water and use the washroom. Bring all of your materials to every lesson - especially a lesson notebook, all music, and a video recording device (phone, camcorder...etc) to record practice videos.


Group Classes

Group classes are an integral part of the Suzuki method - it compliments and supports in the most vital ways! For example, it brings people together (children and parents alike) to experience a second weekly emersion into music, connects them to their musical peers, exposes them to a wider range of techniques required for ensemble playing, and teaches listening and cooperation skills through fun games and exercises. Group classes are an integral function in the Suzuki method, and are often not optional in other schools. Here at Kennedy Music as part of the Suzuki method, it is expected and highly recommended.



I ask that we keep lessons a “cell phone free zone.” Please set all electronic devices to silent and put them away during the lesson unless requested to record.



Please do not come if you or your child is ill. If your child is too sick for school, they are too sick to have a lesson. We will reschedule all illness-related cancellations, providing there is 12 or more hours of notice given.



Siblings are always welcome and encouraged to attend and often enjoy taking part of their sibling's lessons. Please bring toys, books, and/or snacks to help satiate movement, extraneous noise and interruptions to the lesson being taught. Thank you!


Cancellations, make-up lessons & withdrawal

Please let me know as soon as possible if you must miss a lesson. Each student is given a maximum of FOUR make-up lessons throughout the year. Make-up lessons will be given when time/space allows. Choose your cancellations/make-up lessons wisely as beyond these four, you will not receive any further make-up lessons.

As a working, playing musician, I reserve the right to cancel or postpone lessons with notice. Rest assured you will still receive the number of lessons for which you have paid.

In the event that you need to withdraw from the program, please provide notice as soon as possible.

My goal is always fairness in all things, and in extraneous situations refunds may be considered but are not guaranteed.


Stay informed

Please read all of the materials I give you. Materials are all prepared with great care and I need you to stay informed. Mark your calendar accurately to include all of our events and dates in addition to your lessons. Mark recital dates in big red letters and stay aware of updates.

Read the white board every week in case there are announcements and/or reminders.



Recitals are inspiring, goal-setting, community building and confidence boosting events, and offer a chance for both parents and children to view what lies ahead. Children choose a solo piece and work hard to prepare and share their talents to their understanding peers, family and friends. Recitals are part of the curriculum, which is why all students (performing or not) are required to attend all recitals. We are here to support and play in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.



Work hard. To avoid repeat assignments please keep in mind that my assignments are not mere suggestions; they need to be carried out fully in order for me to help you be the best you can be. Any time my recommendations are not carried out, it is likely that a key component of next week's lesson will not be achievable - and therefore assignments will be re-assigned.


Contacting me

Calling or text-messaging are the best ways to contact me. For sensitive issues that require a phone call, please contact me before 13:30pm or in the evenings after 20:30pm. I am unavailable by phone after 22:00pm. For sensitive issues better discussed privately, please email me to set up a meeting, rather than discussing them in front of your child and using valuable lesson time.