Tuition Based

Lessons here a Kennedy music are tuition based - meaning your year is divided into twelve equal monthly payments, and with a guarantee of 36 lessons throughout the year.* If there is a school holiday, there will be no lessons given. All late registrants will be charged pro-rated fees.

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Once a year there is a registration & accompaniment fee that will be collected to ensure a space in my studio, to cover concert hall bookings, accompanying pianist fees, extra provisions for your children in class, etc..

- €70

Tuition includes thirty-six private lessons, 24 group classes, four recitals and two parent classes. Dates extend each year from the second Monday in September (October 10th 2018) to the last Friday of July (July 26th 2019). Make-up lessons may be scheduled during holiday times if required.

- 60 minute lessons - €183/m

- 45 minute lessons - €143.5/m

- 30 minute lessons - €119.8/m

Group Classes

Tuition includes 24 bi-monthly, 60-minute group classes which run in conjunction with private lessons. Parent participation is encouraged. Class sizes are no less than 3 and will not exceed 10 children. Classes begin the last Thursday of September (September 27th) to the last Thursday of June (July 27th).

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Easy Monthly Payments

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month and can be made by cheque, e-transfer or in cash.


Withdrawl from the program is accepted only at two points in the year: Before our last concert in December, or late June.

My goal is always fairness in all things, and in extraneous situations, refunds may be considered but are not guaranteed.

* Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will not be made up, and reschedules are not guaranteed.