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We are two Early Childhood Music Education specialists who pride ourselves in offering a fun, informative musical introduction in piano, violin, viola, cello for children ages 3 - 7. Our goal is to bring the love of music, awareness, and possibility to every young child.

This is an all-inclusive one time event, that teachers often book for all their classrooms. They see how the kids light up and are excited to get involved - because of how we present.

Together, we dance, we sing, we learn exercises, rhythmic and pitch games, and of course about the instruments; but most of all, we have fun doing it at an early age for the many benefits of development in not only music, but in fine motor skills, focus, social skills, and beyond! Every child walks away with smiles, knowledge, and a chance in the end to play their chosen instrument.

  • We bring the instruments and equipment. We provide everything.

  • We come to your location - just sit back, and enjoy!

  • It is free and open to everyone - encouraging parents, children and teachers to all take part.

  • We can incorporate seasonal songs or ones they are learning in class - just ask for how you’d like it to be customized!

  • It is bilingual (in German and English)

  • The duration is flexible: we work with the kids. If we see mid-presentation that our usual 30 minutes is too long, no problem! We will wrap it up. Though often, even the 3 year olds stretch it to a fun, lively 45 minutes!

  • Bookable also for Birthdays and other events


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