Booking a special musical presentation with us for your classroom

We are a group of Early Childhood Music Education specialists who pride ourselves in offering a fun, informative presentation for children ages 3 - 7. People book us again and again because they see how the kids light up and are excited to get involved when we present, because of how we present. Hundreds of families have been positively effected by what we offer, and have been inspired to bring music into their homes and consequently grow from the teachings that stretch beyond music through every music lesson.

You don’t need instruments or equipment. We provide it all. Just sit back, and enjoy! Our presentation is free, is open everyone - encouraging parents, children and teachers to all take part.

Our bilingual presentation is flexible, and we work with the kids. If we see mid-presentation that our usual 30 minutes is too long, no problem! We will wrap it up. Though often even the 3 year olds stretch to a fun, lively 45 minutes!

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